In order to survive the break up of a narcissistic relationship you need to be prepared with the hard cold truth of what is going on.   Your partner is incapable of caring about you or this relationship.  That is so hard to understand.  That you’ve been with someone and loved this person and it is impossible for them to love you, even though they may have been able to fool you into thinking they did love you.   In this case, it really isn’t “you” it really is “them.”

When you have come to the end of a narcissistic relationship it will be very painful and confusing.   That statement is harsh but it is true and you must be prepared for some of the things that your narcissistic partner will do.  But, you can survive this and you will love again.

You would think you would be glad to be free of this relationship.  But you have been so emotionally abused that you can’t get him or her out of your mind.

You may be feeling so cheated in this relationship because your partner has acted as if your relationship never existed.   For a normal person that is impossible to grasp.

Sometimes the narcissist can sense when you have come to the end of your rope in this relationship.  So they often make their own plans to leave long before you have even expressed the desire to end the relationship.  Maybe even before you even know you want to end the relationship.

They will get the jump on you and they may hide assets, run up bills and leave you holding the bag for the house, the car, the bank account…they won’t even care if there are children involved.

It is almost certain your partner will set up another relationship, probably even before he/she leaves, and won’t care one bit about how much you are hurting.

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