What Is A Narcissistic Relationship?


A narcissistic relationship is one in which one person in the relationship is incapable of loving the other partner because they are totally absorbed with themselves. It is one in which your partner makes you feel that there is nothing you can do that is good enough for him or her.

It is a relationship where your self-esteem is torn apart day by day and you don’t even realize it because you are too busy trying to do whatever will make your partner love you. But it is a waste of time. A narcissist in incapable of loving anyone and as odd as it seems they really don’t even love themselves.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the relationship for a short time or a long time the narcissist is a con artist that has manipulated you into thinking you are not deserving of their love.  And you must understand that it has been done deliberately.

Your partner may appear to be a high achiever and supremely confident.  They are probably very charming and attractive and you don’t want to lose them.   But what is really happening is that your lover has brainwashed you into thinking she/he is perfect and let’s you know in subtle, and not so subtle, ways that you are lucky to have them.

If you look at yourself truthfully you probably will find that you are the one that is doing everything to shore up their feelings when things are not going well.

Nevertheless, your partner doesn’t seem to care about your needs, your life or your feelings.

You may also have a partner that is the life of the party but acts different when alone with you.   Your partner is argumentative and accusatory for no reason when alone with you.  Your partner blames you for their problems in life. Your partner may say that he/she doesn’t think you admire him/her enough, doesn’t think you “motivate” him/her in life.

When you are in one of these relationships the tell-tale sign is that you are feeling empty, unworthy and unable to get emotional satisfaction from your partner no matter what you do.

Your partner blames you directly or indirectly for their dissatisfaction with their own life.

If you think you can never win in this narcissistic relationship – you are right!

You need to get out of the narcissistic relationship if you are ever to love again.   The narcissist destroys you way deep down in your soul and you need help.

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4 Responses to What Is A Narcissistic Relationship?

  1. Jessica Byrne says:


    I’m so sorry you are going through this. We’ve all been there. What has happened is
    that he has his “hooks” in you. Now that the hooks are in you are used to feeling bad about yourself and
    your relationship. Taking the hooks out is going to hurt and your subconscious knows this. That’s why
    you believe you are happy with him….you’ve gotten used to the hooks and don’t want to get hurt by taking
    them out.

    He’s Peter Pan. He’ll never grow up.

    Your family and friends can see clearly. And, one day you will too.

    I’m not a licensed therapist. I suggest you see a therapist to help you break free. You obviously want to break free or
    you would not be commenting about this relationship.

  2. Juliette says:

    I am in a relationship with a narcissist but I love him so much. He tells me he has depression and suffers poor body image. I make excuses for him all the time to my family and friends for his flirty behaviour with others and numerous drunken tantrums. He has a power over me that I cant break from. I feel like the light has gone out in me. But it is weird because I am happy when I am with him and miserable when he is not with me. I feel insecure, jealous and lost confidence. It has affected all areas of my life. Everyone is begging me to leave him. I cant! Why??? It is crazy. How can I love someone so much. Now I understand domestic violence and why women cant leave. I want to stay with him but want to have the power to handle him and love myself through it all.

  3. Chazidee Limame says:

    I was it the same type of relationship. My life was destroyed. I was just wasting away. I became anti-social and withdrawn from society, friends, and family. The man I was with robbed me of my once beautiful life. I used to be the happiest girl on the block, now I an the most depressed on the block. My health mental and physical health was shattered. This man still has control over me even though we have been divorced for two years now. I am now starting to realize how bad things have got. Now it is to break free. Thank you for sharing Cammie, now I know that I’m not the only one suffering this and it WASN’T ME, IT WAS HIM!!!!

  4. I just broke up with a guy that totalled me. My health,job,social life.I even fear going in public.I was not like this before I dated him. Reading this web site has really helped me understand what is happeing to me.Its the worst. Ive ever seen relationship. Ifelt like Iwas hit by a truck. Reading this HELPED. Thank you Cammie Hupp

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