It may seem like the impossible thing to do but you MUST break all contact with the narcissist when you break up with them.

They are master manipulators, con men and women whose sole purpose is to keep their power over you. Without that power source they will move on to someone else very quickly and you will be free.

They might call, text, email you constantly begging for you to take them back or see them one more time.

Don’t fall for it. They are probably doing that while they are already in another relationship. They want to see if they can get you to do one more thing for them so they are sure they have not lost their power and prestige.

If you answer the call, text, email you may find it very hard to resist their charming love talk to you. You may begin to believe that you really did have a love relationship. And as soon as you open the door for the narcissist they will have gotten what they came for and walk away anyway.

Even if you have to change your phone number, block your email address or any other thing to avoid having contact with the narcissist then do it! They’ll go away once they see that you really mean business. If they don’t . . . then you need to get law enforcement involved.

Just don’t give them any opportunity to be alone with you. There is no telling what their bruised ego might lead them to do.
If they have some belongings at your place then have someone deliver them to your narcissistic ex. Or have them pick them up when you are not at home…but have someone else in the house when they come by to get their stuff.

Act as if this person never existed. Because in reality they never really did. Make sure you protect yourself when you are breaking up with a narcissist.

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